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Automated Messaging:

TropSys Inc. is just a new name for a company that has been doing automated calling systems for 15+ years. Originally selling the systems to the end customer, we made a decision to migrate to hosting the solution for customers. Our customers no longer have to worry about maintaining phone lines, computers or software. They simply uploaded the call list, we do all the work and give them back the results.

What  is automated messaging?

Automated messaging allows clients to contact their customers with important information regarding there services.  This can be done via email or via automated phone calls.

  • Doctor's offices to remind patients of their appointments.
  • Car care centers to remind customers that their oil needs changing or other services are required
  • Service providers to remind customers that they will be at their house on a certain day 
            - Termite inspections 
            - Bottled water delivery

Phone Message examples:

"Hello, this is Dr. Smith's office calling to remind you of your appointment on April ninth at one P.M. If you can make this appointment, please press 1. If you cannot make this appointment, please press 2. Thank you and have a nice day."

"Hello, this is Bob's water supply calling to remind you of your next delivery on July twenty third. Please make sure you have your empty bottles placed in their normal collection spot. Thank you."

All this is done with a low monthly fee. This system will save you money in many ways right away. This is a much more cost effective way of getting the message across than tying up valuable employees to make the same calls or put together mailings. You also save on fewer no shows for appointments or making sure your customer is ready for you when you arrive at their door. This system can even generate more income by helping to remind customers that they need to make an appointment soon for services they would have otherwise forgotten. Overall a very cost effective way to help your bottom line!